Award summary

The IFAC Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new award, to be given triennially, to an individual or a team that has made outstanding contributions to the scientific promotion and/or the advancement of diversity and inclusion within IFAC (conference/event, technical committee, publications, NMO, etc). The contribution could represent a single activity, or a sustained effort over multiple years. Nominations for the 2023 award must be submitted before June 3, 2022.

The award winner(s) will receive a cash prize of 2000 euro (total), and will be featured in a special session at the IFAC 2023 World Congress.  The details of the special session will be developed together with the organizers of the World Congress, after the award winner has been determined.


Nominees should have had sufficient activity within IFAC to demonstrate their contributions to the scientific promotion and/or the advancement of diversity and inclusion within the Federation.  The nomination statement should describe the contributions, and what the impact has been within IFAC, and should mention specific outcomes, including qualitative or quantitative metrics.  Supporting letters should give specific details about the contributions and their impact.  A short video describing the contributions should also be prepared and submitted. 


The selection committee for the award will be chaired by Dawn Tilbury (US) and includes members Lidia Auret (ZA), Ian Craig (ZA), Steve Kahne (US), and Francoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue(FR).  After careful evaluation of candidates and through a dialogue among the committee members, a recommended winner will be selected and forwarded to the IFAC Foundation through the Chair.  The official winner will be determined by a vote of the Foundation Board in July of 2022.


A search committee was constituted for this award with as chair: Patricia Pena (BR), and members K. Rudie (CA), T. Samad (US), and J. Scherpen (NL).


Note that members of the Selection Committee, the Foundation Board or Foundation Group of Experts cannot be nominees or nominators, and are also not eligible to write supporting letters for nominees. 


A nomination package should contain:

  • Nomination statement, summarizing the efforts and results of the contributions for which the individual or team is nominated, up to 2 pages.Questions to consider in the nomination statement and the supporting letters:
    • How are the contributions distinct from other prior or established activities?
    • Have the contributions been sustained, and are they expected to continue?
    • How have the results made a difference, or an impact, within IFAC?
    • What specific outcomes have resulted, are there qualitative or quantitative metrics that demonstrate the impact?
    • What people or structures within IFAC have felt the influence of these efforts?
  • Curriculum Vitae, for an individual; optional for some or all members of a team
  • Supporting letters, up to 2 pages each, each giving specific details about the contributions and the impact on IFAC
    • For an individual nomination, up to three supporting letters
    • For a team nomination, up to four supporting letters, with at least one from inside the team and at least one from outside the team
  • A video in which the nominee(s) describe the contributions and the impact on IFAC, up to 5 minutes long

Nominations should be sent by email to the IFAC Foundation President before June 3, 2022: <>  Documents should be in PDF format; video can be sent via a file-sharing service (DropBox, Google Drive, etc)


A Nomination Form (in MS Word Format) can be downloaded <here>