• According to the IFAC Constitution (Art. 37), donations must be unconditional.
  • The donor will be able to express his/her preferences (how much money, how it will be used, ...) and these will be recorded in written form in appropriate deeds. The IFAC Foundation may define possible use of the funds, according to the donors' wishes.
  • The IFAC Foundation will provide assistance to potential donors in preparing appropriate tax deduction arrangements.
  • Donors will be listed in all the official Foundation reports. A preliminary list of recognised levels for individual donors
    • Council of Honor 100,000 € and up
    • Patron 20,000 € - 99,999 €
    • Benefactor 5,000 € - 19,999 €
    • Sponsor 1,000 € - 4,999 €
  • Same levels, figures multiplied by 5, apply to donor organizations.
  • Anybody contributing up to 999 € will be listed as Donor.

Exceptional Donations (over 200.000€)

  1. In the event of exceptional donors the IFAC Foundation may establish additional clauses to guarantee the use, visibility and donor wishes’ fulfilment, to be included in the deed (contract).
  2. The IFAC Foundation may propose the creation of a “chapter” (section or funding line) for exceptional donations with specific goals. These funding lines could be named after the donor.

Michel Cuenod Foundation

  1. This Foundation was created to help Triennial IFAC World Congress young attendees from Turkey and other developing countries.
    Currently, its activity has been integrated in the IFAC Foundation Projects.
  2. A special chapter in the Young Authors' Support project is devoted to fulfil the aims of this Foundation.