IFAC Foundation Kwon Award: Call for nominations



Purpose, Funding, and Presentation of the Award

One of the aims of the IFAC Foundation is to promote the awareness and dissemination of the social relevance of automatic control. The IFAC Foundation recognizes at each IFAC World Congress the contributions of individuals or a group of individuals who through their work have shown how automatic control science and technology can contribute to significant advances in the broad area of "sustainable development". This includes work on the topics of renewable and clean energy, management of energy, water and resources in general, control in agriculture, pollution control, climate control or similar.

All papers published in any of the IFAC Journals (https://www.ifac-control.org/publications/journals) during the triennium of 2020-2022 are eligible for nomination. The first award was made at the 2017 IFAC World Congress in Toulouse, and is fully funded by the IFAC Foundation. The IFAC Foundation Kwon Award is made in honour of Professor Wook Hyun Kwon whose initial donation fostered the creation of the IFAC Foundation.



The winner (or winning team) receives a certificate and cash prize of 2000 euro (total) at the time of the IFAC World Congress. A special public lecture at the IFAC 2023 World Congress is planned for the winning author(s) to present the work, for which the IFAC Foundation will also make a contribution towards the travel expenses of the winning author(s). The details of the public lecture will be developed together with the organizers of the World Congress.


Nomination Procedure

Nominations of high-quality papers are solicited for this award. Nominations should be prepared according to the format described in the nomination form. Nominators should produce convincing documentation that explicitly describes the benefits and impacts of the proposed contribution. Nominations may also include reference letters. Self-nominations are not allowed.

Note that members of the Selection Committee, the Foundation Board or the Foundation Group of Experts cannot be nominees or nominators.

Nominations should be addressed to the Chair of the award selection committee, Prof. Hideaki Ishii, and sent to the email address indicated in the nomination form.


Selection Criteria

Nominated papers should be of the highest technical quality and demonstrate evidence of significant potential future impact on one or more of the sustainable development topics outlined above. The award selection criteria include:

  • The quality of the paper.
  • The interest and impact of the topic on sustainability.
  • The relevance of the control solution to the problem.
  • Previous results and the forecasted evolution of the proposed methodology.

In particular, the nomination form should include a summary of how these criteria are addressed by the work described in the nominated paper.


Selection Procedure

An award selection committee will examine all qualifying nominated papers. The selection committee chair is Hideaki Ishii (JP), with members Denis Dochain (BE), Pramod Khargonekar (US), Andreas Kugi (AT), Iven Mareels (AU), and Sarah Spurgeon (UK).

This selection committee will propose a winner and an alternate to the IFAC Foundation Board. Based on the report of the award selection committee, the IFAC Foundation Board may choose a winner or may choose not to give the award. The winner will be notified by the Chair of the IFAC Foundation Board. 


Format of the Nomination

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the IFAC Foundation website:

  • https://foundation.ifac-control.org/projects/ifac_foundation_award/ifac-found-award-nomination-form-1-1.pdf/view.

A nomination, consisting of the completed nomination form with its supporting documents, should be sent by e-mail to foundationaward@ifac-control.org as one single file (in .pdf format). A link to the supporting video should be given in the pdf document – this is optional but recommended. The deadline for the submission of nominations is 1 February 2023.